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Let Nirwana Bali the place you can consider as a safe haven amidst the stressful city life. Let yourself be consumed in peace and serenity as you inhale only the freshest air and calming ambiance. Be immersed with the beautiful sight of tropical aesthetics as you are embraced by lush greens. You can feel like you are on a holiday every day with Nirwana Bali. With its striking facilities and amenities, you’ll never be feeling more contented in your home. The vast subdivision is comprised of different amenities which will bring you joy.

First on the long list is the resort-like Swimming Pool. Who needs to visit Bali, Indonesia when you have a pool as magnificent as the one in your home? The swimming pool will remind you of positive thoughts and good times with its serene ambiance. You can enjoy a quick dip in the pool to ease your mind after a long day at work. The theme which is tropical is visibly appealing in the eyes as it soothes and refreshes your views.

One of Nirwana Bali’s pride is the 18 Hole Golf Course within the subdivision. This outstanding feature can bring out the sporty side of you. This is great for those who enjoy golf or are willing to try a new hobby or sport. The wide area for golf is highly in demand in some place so it’s truly a privilege for the future homeowners of Nirwana Bali. You can also be a member of the South Forbes Golf Club if you want anytime. Awesome, isn’t it?

For gatherings or even just get-togethers with your family, friends, or neighbors, the Clubhouse is truly a gem in sight. Its structures will remind you of elegance and island life as the stairs lead you to a spacious place where you can organize a memorable party. Moreover, a Multipurpose Hall is also available for you to use depending on your choice of event. For social butterflies, this is certainly great for you.

Are you a nature lover? Well, this place is definitely the perfect place for you to settle in right away. Your much-needed craving for fresh air and striking sceneries is now within your reach. Nirwana Bali has a Pocket Park wherein you can freely wander around with your family. For just walks or picnics at lunch, this amenity will surely be highly appreciated by your loved ones. You can also do your morning jog here while taking a breather for a brand new day. The possibilities are practically endless.

For greater convenience, Nirwana Bali is easily the safest place you can trust. Nirwana Bali is a highly secured place wherein your safety is the highest priority. 24/7 security personnel are ready to assist you anytime. You can sleep at night soundly knowing that you are protected by the most trusted services. CCTV cameras are also strategically placed all over the vicinity for extra safety measures. Truly, Nirwana Bali is the home you really deserve since it is equivalent to comfort and relaxation.

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  • Swimming Pool
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